Seniors Week 2015

Posted on Jul 20, 2015
Seniors Week 2015

August 16-23 is Seniors Week and the BrisWest Center is running a series of activities during the week to mark the occasion.

The activities we have arranged cover a wide spectrum from informative talks, to entertaining performances and healthy lifestyle sessions. The one thing they all have in common is that while they are are perfect for our community elders, all are designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Saturday 15 August

10.30am – 12noon


Christine Zangari

0403 589 665

BWSCC – Members of the Brisbane West Senior Citizens Centre are invited to a Members Forum to discuss the draft Strategic Plan and proposed changes to the constitution.




Neil 38487360


Outside the Box – Testing the Boundaries of Expectations

Come along and hear some stories of extraordinary ordinary lives.  Playback is a unique form of   improvisational theatre. Assisted by the conductor, people in the   audience share moments and stories from their lives, which are then immediately re-enacted, or ‘played back’ spontaneously by a troupe of usually three or four actors and a musician.

Sunday 16 August

10.00am – 12 noon



Ann Elliot Smith

0424 516 166

Elder Elders – come and hear some of our Elder Elders (over 75’s) telling tales and revealing the perspectives of serious longevity. Join us for a special brunch and chat about living with the long view!
Monday  17 August

9.30 -10.30am



Trish Ferrier

0437 048091

CosmoForm – Find stillness in movement to learn how to move in life from a place of stillness. During this class Trish Ferrier, a Form Reality Practice Teacher will teach you Cosmo Form, a simple movement which will enhance your experience of life. For enquiries and bookings phone Trish on 0437048091 or just come along on the day.
Wednesday 18 August

10.30 – 11.30am




Come and meet local health practitioners from Be Wellbeing and Movement Principles. Raelene from Be Wellbeing is a personal trainer and Leanne from Movement Principles is a senior Pilates teacher. Over a health y morning tea we will discuss how movement is essential for our long term health.  RSVP Trish Ferrier  0437 048 091
Thursday 20 August


10.00 – 11.00am



Leanne Hardcastle

0401 505 423


 Leanne Hardcastle will hold an open discussion about Social Media – the popular types of Social Media – what suits your needs? How can it serve your life? Your interests? Your business? How often do you get to chat to someone whose business is Social Media about the different options available to you.



Friday  21 August

9.30 – 10.30am



Mardi Fielding

0412 515 961

Mardi Fielding teaches yoga three mornings a week at the BrisWest Centre. To celebrate Seniors Week she is offering an extra class for anyone interested in coming along and experiencing a relaxing hour of yoga and breathing.


Saturday 22 August


1.00pm – 6.00pm


$40.00/$25 con

Penny Hayes

0417 720 403

Penny Hayes , a certified Feldenkrais practitioner is offering for our Seniors Week activities a workshop on the upper body. She will work with your neck, arms and back to assist you to release holding patterns that keep you tense, and to strengthen muscles that maintain your posture.


Afternoon Tea provided. Bring yoga mat and wear comfortable loose clothing.


Sunday  30 August

9.30 – 12 noon



 Bridging Lanka – Jeremy Liyanage, a resident of Brisbane has established an organisation in Sri Lanka called ‘Bridging Lanka’ with the aim to assist to nuture peace in a war torn country. Jeremy’s work with Sri Lankans and other Australians is inspiring and he will provide you with information about the different projects they are undertaking to make a difference for the local people.             RSVP Trish Ferrier 047 048 091



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