Welcome to Paddington SoulFest!
Sat 3rd – Sun 4th November

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The BrisWest Centre is proud to bring this inaugural event to Paddington! This weekend will be an immersion of yoga practice, chanting and meditation.

Photo by Robert Golden © International Feldenkrais Federation

Beginning on Friday night, 2 November 2018 we will have a welcome given by Dr Pee Tek Chan followed by a musical performance by Yeshe & Elemental. Saturday and Sunday will be two days of yoga and meditation.

Purchase a one day or two day pass and enjoy! We will also have a small yoga market in front of our building.

Ticket Prices

One Day Pass

  • Early Bird: $55.00 (closes 19 Oct)
  • Normal: $65.00 (closes 2 Nov)

Two Day Pass

  • Early Bird: $100.00 (closes 19 Oct)
  • Normal: $120.00 (closes 2 Nov)

Timetable – click for printable pdf

Class Descriptions

Awareness Through Movement – Feldenkreis

Building capacity to be aware and present using movement

Intro to Yoga/Beginners

Ally Goodwin

This is where it all begins, you don’t even have to know your left foot from your right.

We’re here to guide you, to help create a first time experience that leads you to feeling safe and inspired.

These classes are also marvellous if you’ve been practising for some time, but feel like a more gentle class, or to refine your foundations.

We are all, always beginners.


Dr Pee Tek Chan    

Simple to learn, for beginners and experienced meditators

Learn and experience the transmission of this beautiful 8 minute conscious movement meditation called CosmoForm. This is a powerful doorway to profound Higher Consciousness that you are, opening through your Diamond Heart and grounding this through every level of your embodied intelligence, including mother Earth and beyond.

Deep Hatha

Bindii Phillips  

An uplifting class where poses will vary from longer holds in asana, mindful sequences with moderate flow and stillness between poses for integration. An introduction of pranayama/breath work may be included. This class aims to bring balance to mind, body and soul. Conditioning and strengthening whilst creative and playful.

Embodying the Breath + Pranayama Essentials

Mardi Fielding

A morning exploration to gently enliven and embody the Breath and Prana (the vital Life Energy). We’ll begin by re-awakening the depth and fullness of our natural spontaneous breath, then touch on some Pranayama essentials for bringing a little more vibrancy and harmony to our being. All welcome! (A basic foundation in Pranayama will be helpful, but not essential).

Embodying Earth – Wholistic Hatha / Vinyasa

Mardi Fielding

A vibrant and nourishing morning practice, where we’ll create space to deeply reconnect with the grounding and alive qualities of Earth – via the body’s inherent wisdom, our inner awareness, and the fluid wholistic practices of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga.


Lyndi Smith   

By training in mindfulness and calm abiding (shamatha) meditation, we pacify our scattered minds, defuse our powerful emotions and overcome distraction.

The first & basic practice of meditation is to allow the mind to settle into a state of ‘calm abiding’, where it will find peace & stability. It is a practice through which we rest the mind naturally in a state of relaxed awareness, in order to allow the nature of mind to reveal itself.

The ancient method of meditation has come to be seen as a powerful support for modern life—something that can be practised anywhere, by anyone, of any age or background.

Moreover, there is growing scientific evidence that meditation has a positive effect on our health and wellbeing.

Hips & Heart Vinyasa Flow

Jacqui Sellers    

A fun and freeing Vinyasa class to move our bodies whilst connecting to our breath and body and heart space. Bring more peacefulness to our mind whilst reenergising and promoting mindfulness, balance and relaxation. An all levels practise for body, mind and spirit.

Dr Pee Tek Chan Talk: Moving Through, Dancing Free, the Soul of Transformation

Dr Pee Tek Chan will be giving a talk and demonstration on the energetics of conscious movement meditation, transforming through tuning in to the Universal Resonance of our deep body of Awareness. Dr Chan sees life as a powerful Dance, a sacred living prayer, giving Form to the Formless Being that we are. This is a Realisation of ‘I Am That’.

Yoga Nidra, Deep Rest Meditation

Jacqui Sellers

A deep rest practise of yogic or psychic sleep, traditionally known as yoga nidra. Drawing our attention into supported stillness and inviting in relaxation and balance…This yogic practise can be one of great and profound rest, healing and grounding. All welcome. Please bring a shawl/blanket.


Anna Yen

The Feldenkrais Method® (Feldenkrais) is a universal method for improving human life through better movement, sensation, posture and breathing.

From early childhood to advanced age, thousands of Australians are using Feldenkrais every day to address their challenges and to reach their fullest potential.

Suitable for ALL LEVELS.

Come and sense how the Feldenkrais Method’s group classes could enhance your personal yoga practice. Awareness Through Movement lessons explore new movement patterns whilst simultaneously drawing your attention deeply into how each movement affects your whole self. The lessons invite a greater sense of ease, elegance and self-awareness.

Yin Yoga

Bindi Phillips

A slow and deep style of Yoga where poses/asanas are held for longer periods of time, 5 minutes or more in most cases. Yin Yoga applies healthy stimulation to the fascia/connective tissue of the body and creates space in the skeletal system, encouraging the flow of Qi around the body, removing blockages and promoting organ health. Deeply healing and meditative.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

This session will offer an introduction and experience of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga, an empirically validated practice for the treatment of complex trauma or complex post traumatic stress disorder.

TCTSY is based on central components of the hatha style of yoga, where participants engage in a series of physical forms and movements. Elements of traditional hatha yoga are modified to build a trauma survivors’ experiences of empowerment and cultivate a more positive relationship to one’s body.