Whats on overview

Posted on Aug 11, 2021

-Sophie Marsh has a Nia class twice a week: Monday & Thursday mornings 9.30am – 10.30am. She has her own website with all info and prices”Sophie Marsh Nia” She is recommencing (following the lockdown) on 16th August
-‘Empire Swing’ classes are held every Monday evening from 6.30pm: there is a website as well which gives all info re prices etc.
-‘Israeli Dancing’ is held every Wednesday morning from 10.00am to midday – I don’t believe there is a website, but will contact the organiser to confirm contact details etc for you.
-Peter Bisson, Yoga class Tuesday mornings 9.15-11.15am
-Kathie Overeem has a personal Healing Yoga session on Thursday evenings from 5.00pm – she has a website where you can obtain info and contact details.
-Zumba classes are commencing at the Centre this month – from Friday 20th 11.30am – 12.30pm – at this stage on a monthly basis 3rd Friday of each month until December- there is info on our facebook page ‘BrisWest Centre’ , These are free and open to all. (Numbers are limited to 36 until restrictions ease)
-Olga (BoogieCamp) who will hold the classes is already employed under the BCC Health Programme around Brisbane, so we’re hoping if interest is there she can have a weekly Friday class from January next year. You can check out  her facebook page for more info. FB BoogieCamp .

There are also things happening on the weekends:
-Anita Hurlimann has her Balkan Dancing sessions – everybody welcome, no previous experience needed, danced in circles
-Yogaphysio sessions run by Tamara James,
-Expressive Freedom classes by Tania Emiliani,
-Brisbane Playback Theatre have Tuesday night & weekend sessions, (They are currently looking for new embers)
-Friday Cooking Classes were due to commence this month but have been delayed until next year because of the Covid restrictions.